[EU] Puddle Vikings Think I’m Not Colorful

Hello my friends! Yes, this is for Puddle Vikings and Silvers alike! I have returned to tease help the Vikings with their posts since they have a very busy day today. While Mistymu ostentatiously claimed that I hate colorful posts, that just simply isn’t true, and I am here to disprove that. After all, anyone who has been in VC or spoken to me in DMs knows that I have some VERY colorful language.

Today marked the return of Moses (for those of you who don’t know, he is the longest serving Viking troop)! Woo! Go Moses! He graced us with his presence by hiding his face in his box as he led this stupendous event. They marched through the Gift Shop and Town before realizing that they were hungry. Despite Misty’s incredible cooking abilities, she let them compete for glory to see who was the ultimate Pizzatron Chef. Turns out, it still wasn’t meI think this game is rigged. Robbed of Dance Queen and Ice Fishing? I smell a conspiracy.

Anyways, congrats to the winners because yall earned it! I do wonder how the leaderboard is shaping up for their Olympics, but time will tell as the calculate the scores for gamer god. Oh boy do I hope it’s me. :creep:

MAX: 27

Owa Owa

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